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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Charity bazaar ...

Today we (Amanda, David and me) went to check out the charity bazaar put on every year by an industrious group of women.  There were stalls operated by many of the countries that have interests here in Vietnam, and also the many NGO's doing their best to help. Koto had a stall selling yummy drinks, tasty food and some of their merchandise.  From what I hear they made about 22,000,000vd which is about $1,100 aus...result!   I made friends with a lovely lady on the Australian stand and got invited to Kiwi drinks next time they're on at the NZ embassy.  I also found cute gifts for Toni and Jann (won't tell what they are...lol.) 
Then we caught the local buses into town to do a bit of shopping...Amanda had to replace her slashed bag and stolen wallet.  While we were in town David caught these three shots of some examples of the skills that Vietnamese couriers/bike riders/ delivery men exhibit in transporting their goods.

We watched this huge column of balloons being constructed, shoved expertly into the plastic bag then off he shot with them.

These bags were full of fabric we think, they were loaded up to the point that we wondered where the driver was going to sit...there was about 3 inches of seat left showing.

Take a close look at this one...no ties.  This pile of orange juice containers wasn't fastened on in any way, just balanced! Amamzing!

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