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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shopping Hanoi style...

Poor Mr Doan had to ferry me around today again, we spent some time taste testing the various bakeries in the old quarter.  Vietnamese cakes look spectacular but as far as I'm concerned they taste foul. 

The piped decoration is made of a aerated fat and sugar emulsion, it's not even butter cream.  To the western palate it's just awful, but their skills are undeniable.  We did find one shop that sold clear cellophane bags of a titbit...small mouthfuls of a confection with a truffle peanut centre coated in green rice crispies.  Sounds awful but tasted very moreish...I gave them to Mr Doan to take home to his skinny Mum...I've decided to try to lose some weight while I'm over here and away from the dreaded Natural Confectionary Company lollies...my downfall!
The ever patient young Mr Doan having a break from carting me all over Hanoi.

After the cakes I felt the need for some fruit so we hit the markets, with Mr Doan's help I managed to identify and buy a lovely selection of fruits for a reasonable price...between the two of us we managed to get a compromise between the 'long nose price' and the 'short nose price'.  Sadly I don't have any spare cash this time and need to watch my pennies or I wouldn't mind paying over the odds. 
Longans, passionfruit, dragonfruit, mandarins and something red and beautiful that I still don't know...if anyone knows what it's called in English please tell me...:-)   

Now I'm back in my room, listening to the traffic, waiting to be collected and taken for a nice Vietnamese meal with Mr Doan, Ms Thu, Jonny (another volunteer)...it should be good...I'll take some photos.
In the meantime...take a look at the mobile food vendors here....bit more precarious than Harry's Cafe de Wheels....

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  1. Umm those red spiky things aren't longans, they are Rambutan, longans are a light tan colour and have a smooth skin. I use to have a tree of those red fruits but I don't know what their english name is.

    Sounds like you're having a good time. It's a shame to hear about the quality of those cakes..