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Thursday, November 25, 2010


With the help of a wonderful woman in Sydney (thanks Ruth) the boxes of donated equipment (and some of my equipment) were sent over here by a FedEx. 
They arrived promptly and I got all excited at the prospect of really being able to get started teaching Doan and working with him to update and improve the pastry menu. 
BUT....and there is always a but....now it seems the goverment has decided that we need to pay tax on the value of the goods. 
Despite Koto being a registered charity in Australia and a Social Enterprize over here they still want to gouge us.  Ruth provided a detailed contents list and valuation of the boxes...not enough. 
So everyday it drags on a little more.   Every day it becomes a little more frustrating.   Everyday I become more depressed.  OK, it dosn't help that I'm sick - I'm like a bloke when I'm sick...I don't take kindly to my body letting me down and I'm like a bear with a sore head. 
Small things take on huge importance and it's really easy to make me cry!  I just want to get on and do what I came here for....grrrrrrrrr 
It seems odd to me that in what was once a communist country the government is working against those who are working for the people. 
I will just have to absorb a little more of the zen like Vietnamese attitude...Hanoi-time.

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