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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ms Mai-Anh is a Superhero!

Finally my boxes have cleared customs and it's all thanks to Ms Mai-Anh and her wonderful husband.  As far as I'm concerned they wear their underpants on the outside of their tights!  Superman and Superwoman. 
Ms Mai-Anh came to me on Tuesday so upset that she'd heard that I had been crying with frustration on Friday. Please don't be upset she said, her husband has a 'relationship' with the people who could free up the boxes she said.
You little beauty!!!
She had me write a letter to FedEx virtually begging for the contents to be released.  I had to say that I desperately needed the contents in order to do what I came to Vietnam to do and without them I would fail! 
No matter that it wasn't FedEx that was holding things up, no matter that it was actually the customs officials, no matter...just write the letter and do what was required.  So I did.  We took off to the FedEx building armed with the letter, my passport and the letter of offer I had received from Koto regarding my volunteering.
After all the previous too-ing and fro-ing and threats of taxes Ms Mai-Anh and her husband did their magic and after flashing the documents and waiting nervously for 30minutes my boxes were handed to me. 
I signed the receipt and we walked out of the building.  I couldn't relax until the taxi drew up we loaded the boxes in the boot.  Then I did my happy dance...lots of people laughed at me then but I didn't care, my happy dance was well and truly overdue!
So here is the remarkable and lovely Ms Mai-Anh with young Mr Doan who will ultimately benefit from most of the equipment.
Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings with a single bound...is it a bird...is it a plane....no....it's Ms Mai-Anh! My superhero with a very happy Mr Doan and some of the equipment donated by Frazer and Hughes of Oxford Street, Sydney.

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