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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dinner at a local cafe

Jonny and I decided to catch a bite at one of the local cafes. 

We find one with a nice clean visible kitchen.  Upstairs we make our choices from the menu, stir fried steak with peppers and lemongrass and deep fried squid.  When we ask for rice and vegetables the waitress tell's us emphatically No.  Apparantly no rice and no cabbage...shame.  So we settle for chips....in Vietnam and we are eating chips!!!
As it happened the chips were not bad, crisp and hot (if lacking salt...soy sauce dosn't quite taste the same.) . 
The squid is really nice, panned rather than in a thick coating of batter and reasonably tender.  Along with two Heinekens the whole meal cost only 180,000vd which is about $8aus...not too bad.

On the way home we pop into a supermarket to pick up milk.  I hadn't noticed that it's a Japanese food shop and am pleasantly suprised to find Devondale Milk!  Smart milk even!!! Extra calcium with less fat...just what I need.  Mind you, the one litre of milk cost $2! 
It'll be worth it in the morning when my Frosties taste like home.

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