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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Current total stands at....

With the generous support of Toni and her wonderful crew at the cooking class today the total now stands at $1,572.55....only $3427.45 to go!

First 'paid for' cooking class!

Thank you Toni, Cathy, Jean-Marie, Dave, Jen and Jan for being my guinea pigs and the first paying customers at a cooking class!  It was slightly manic as we were testing timings and recipes but because they were guinea pigs we did more than would normally be undertaken in a class.  Recipes and photos to follow.
We made -  
Tropical Trifle...layers of peach liquor infused sponge fingers, passionfruit creme patisserie, champagne jelly, diced lychee and mango all topped with whipped cream and tiny melon balls.
Melon Sago...sago in a coconut and palm sugar sauce with rock and galia melon balls throughout.
Star Anise Panna Cotta with Mango Sorbet and Coconut Tuille...a light star anise dessert with quick and easy mango sorbet and a crisp coconut tuille biscuit.
There were surprises, minor hiccoups (miscalculations with setting times) much laughter and a little learning and everyone went home happy and full.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Annandale Footprints Festival 6 June...

Thanks to the wonderful Katie at Leichhardt Council I have a stall to face paint little wrigglers at the Footprints Festival at Annadale. www.footprintsecofestival.com.au  This from the website;  

The Footprints festival is to be a low key local community event 10-3pm Sunday 6 June 2010 (World environment day 5 June 2010)
Incorporating talks, tree planting, bushtucker, tour of wetlands, workshops, visual and performance art and stalls on the theme of Environmental Sustainability.

So if you are in the area on that day please drop by and say hello, maybe get your little wriggler painted up and take me one step closer to Vietnam.

I must appologise for not posting much of late, it's assignment time at uni again...each semester I tell myself I will be the epitome of organisation and every semester it ends up being a last minute panic to get everything done it time...ah well, such is life.  Till next time... 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First cooking class booked!

Thanks to the wonderfully supportive Toni Pollard, (who is an excellent Indonesian language teacher and translator should you ever need one in Sydney) I have taken my first booking for a cooking class!  Toni and a few of her friends will enjoy a fun filled but educational 2 - 3 hours on Sunday 30th May.
We are going to explore desserts with an Asian flavour...
Tropical Lychee and Mango Trifle,
Star Anise Pannacotta with Mango Sorbet and Coconut Tuille,
and Sago Pudding with Melon.
It looks like a lot to get through, but I'm confident these women are no slouches in the kitchen already so it's achievable.
Once again, Toni, thank you for your support.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The best chocolate mudcake I've ever made....

Preheat oven to 170c (160c fan)
Grease and line cake tin or prepare muffin tins for cupcakes.

220 ml water
175gms butter - chopped
120gms sugar (I have used either castor and brown with good results)
200gms chocolate - chopped (use the highest cocoa content you can afford)
70gms defrosted frozen berries - mashed with a fork
2 eggs - lightly beaten with a fork
20gms cocoa
125gms Self Raising flour

Combine water, butter and sugar in a bowl, either heat over a saucepan of boiling water or in a microwave till butter melts and water boils.

Add chopped chocolate and stir till smooth and melted. 

Add lightly beaten eggs and whisk gently till smooth.

The sift on flour and cocoa and stir through till smooth.

Finally stir through the mashed berries.  (You can use fresh berries if they have enough flavour, I've also successfully used mashed banana and chopped black cherries)

Finally pour mixture (yes, pour...it's very liquid so don't worry - you havn't done anything wrong) into the desired tin or dish.  I recently used this recipe to make a pudding (which I poured butterscotch sauce over to serve) and it worked extremely well.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Butterscotch Brandy Sauce with photos!

Here are the photos to accompany the recipe for my Butterscotch Sauce... just for Phuoc!

Bring to boil gently

Simmer for a while

Add cream and stir gently

Boil gently till sauce thickens

To test the sauce drop a little on a plate, it's ready when it holds a 'bubble' shape.

Use the sauce to create attractive patterns on the plate or pour over puddings, pancakes or ice cream....enjoy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

During May...not March....doh!

Sorry Sarah, as Phuoc kindly pointed out to me...your class needs to be taken during May.  Honestly I think I need a proof reader, or a new brain.  Thanks Phuoc :)

Free one on one class .....May winner.........

Drumroll please..........and the winner of the May class is........... Sarah Vino!  Get in touch Sarah and we can organise a suitable time and place for your class.  Take another look at the possible content list...

Perfect pastry...pate sucre, pate brisee and perfect products from each.

Choux, choux train...puffs both sweet and savoury.

Decadent desserts...wicked desserts, fabulous garnishes and a little bit of bling when plating up.

Cheats desserts...yummy desserts that are ready for the table within record time...and they still look great.
If nothing here appeals just let me know what interests you and I can devise a class to suit.
(Just please remember the class must be taken during March.)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Annandale Festival...

Everyone needs to keep their fingers crossed that my application to Face Paint at Annadale's upcoming festival is successful.  I'm not sure when I will find out but every little bit of exposure and every opportunity to raise money will push me along the path to Vietnam.
Positive thoughts please people!