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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vietnam at last....

After what was beginning to seem like a neverending year I finally boarded the Vietnam Airlines plane to Hanoi via Ho Chi Min City.  In a spooky nod from the universe when I introduced myself to my seat mates I discovered that they were returning from attending a course in New Plymouth (where my family live in New Zealand) and that they knew of and admired the work of KOTO.  In fact they all worked at a hotel situated about 500yards from the KOTO restuarant.  A good start.

In the melee that is transferring from international to domestic in Ho Chi Min the universe not only nodded it practically poked me when I met John and Roz Oliver, a delightful couple from Sydney.  John was worked for many years as a major fundraiser for KOTO.  He is now works on behalf of a program called Blue Dragon which rescues children from trafficers.  He and Roz told me proudly that two children they had sponsored from the program have gone on and passed through KOTO...a fabulous outcome all round.

After what seemed like an interminable time in the air I was met at Hanoi by 5 smiling faces of some of the KOTO teaching faculty and alumni. These wonderful young people fussed round me like I was made of priceless ming china.  By the time they delivered me to my home for the next three months I was no longer feeling nervous...I was feeling re-energised and full of hope and determination to do whatever I can.

One thing though...I will need to acclimatise to the traffic noise out side the hotel...these are some photo's taken from my balcony! 

6 am in the morning...starting the day

9am...getting busy....

and 9pm at night...still busy...and very, very noisy!


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