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Friday, November 12, 2010

Three more sleeps...

My last exam is tomorrow, then all my pent up excitment about going will bubble up and create chaos in my psyche I'm sure.  My suitcase is packed and the three boxes of donated equipment (thanks again Frazer and Hughes) will be sent via DHL.  It almost seems unreal that after a year of scrimping and saving, badgering people for money and goods, painting squiggles on wriggling kids, juggling pets and houses and pestering friends to sell raffle tickets I will finally be in the air and on my way.
The good people at KOTO have plans that encompass some teaching, some menu refurbishment, some master classes and I'm guessing a lot of playing around with flour and sugar and butter...bring it on!
I didn't end up getting a video camera, I realised that it would be too hard to video a class at the same time as I'm teaching it, but I will be taking a plethora of photos and updating this blog on a much more regular basis....methinks the kids will be a lot more interesting than me!
So bear with me, buckle up and lets take off for culinary adventure....Hanoi here we come!

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