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Sunday, December 26, 2010

More random stuff....

In the shopping center I go to is a play area for kids...the parents pay a fee and the kids are looked after by amiable young women for the duration.  I chanced upon this group of wee poppets the other day...wearing their santa hats they just looked too cute for words.
Couldn't you just eat them all up?
 I was saving so hard for this trip that I hadn't had a hair cut for the whole of 2010 so decided to take my chances and check out a Vietnamese hairdresser.  I did a bit of research on The New Hanoian's website and found Mr Dinh.  He's trained by some whizkid stylist and speaks excellent English.  For the grand sum of 200,000vd (about $10) he gave me a smashing do.  He cut in some subtle layers and trimed off all the dead dry ends.  The heavenly head massage the shampoo girl gave me was pretty incredible too.

Pretty good eh? 

Hoan Kiem lake in the middle of Hanoi is a favourite with residents and has quickly become a favourite place of mine too.  As you stroll round you find little surprises, like the lotus sculptures in an earlier blog, and today I found these.  I'm not sure if they are meant to be deer but that's what they look like to me.

I think this one needs a bit of a haircut too...
I liked this display inside a shopping center in town too...there were actually small fish swimming around in amongst the rubbish and plastic plants.

A pond and a half!

It's hard to believe that anything could live for long in here...

Well, that's it for now, it's 6pm on Boxing Day and I'm about to chow down on some super sweet watermelon (have to do something to make up for all the fried stuff this morning!) and watch some of the dvds I picked up today....Harry Potter here I come.  To anyone reading this I hope your Xmas day was restful and relaxing and that you have a fantastic New Years.

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