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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lotus flowers at the lake on the best day EVER!

These gorgeous Lotus flowers adorn the banks of the lake in the middle of  Hanoi.

Today was a remarkable day, I wandered into the center at about 9.30am because I didn't have much to do and turned on the computer.  I can only get Facebook at the center because the censorious government here don't want their dissidents to have a chance to yak to the world.  Because my mate Gary Miller has been putting the hard word on a few people to help get Koto a second hand or reconditioned oven I posted that he was an all round good bloke.  Then I checked my emails, Oh My God!  Thanks to Gary the wonderful Andy Docherty of Southern Hospitality had taken up our cause and managed to get a brand new Turbo Fan Oven donated by Moffat and Agility!  'Oh My God.' I cried out... then I cried! Then I did my happy dance again.  Gary and Andy are members of the New Zealand Chefs Association which is by far the best, most caring, most professionally responsible group of people that I have ever been privileged to be a part of.  You may not like to hear it Gaz but truly... "There's only one Gary Miller"  So thank you so much guys, I'm planning a bit of a thank you video which I'm hoping you both will enjoy.
...and let's finish with another lotus flower since I didn't think you would want to see me doing my happy dance!


  1. hi - try www.beta.facebook.com -

    that might work

  2. Marilyn,
    Thanks sooo much, it worked and now I have access to my global family again. Brilliant.
    Have a wonderful week.
    regards Ngaire

  3. you are so welcome-when i was back in vietnam this august (for my anual trek around) i was frantic cause i couldn't get on to my Facebook and some kind aussie-born vietnamese guy told me what to do- so so relieved - and happy to have passed it on to you.....

    and thank you for your blog- i happened across it somehow and i'm enjoying it so much.

    by the way- i LOVE KOTO and wouldn't come to hanoi without at least one visit..


  4. Ahhh....annual visit? This place is a bit addictive isn't it. Hopefully the next time you come to Koto you will enjoy the cakes and sweets a bit more after my little improvements.
    I have a feeling this wont be my only visit...

  5. i'll certainly give the cakes and sweets a go- that's my real weakness!

    maybe you'll still be there when i arrive? although I think i read that you're doing a four month stint- is that right?
    i won't be back in Hanoi until next July-

    I was surprised to hear you're nervous to go eat on your own- you would meet so many people if you sat alone- you certainly wouldn't be on your own for long.

    by the way, when we were in Hanoi a couple of year's ago, we were eating our lunch in the old KOTO and we met some really lovely ladies who were doing some sort of volunteer work in hanoi, and they directed us to the CraftLink shop where we bought some lovely stuff.

  6. I will be leaving Hanoi in February in order to get back to Australia to start my 3rd year of uni!
    I am going to eat out now...you and my friend Amanda have convinced me that I shouldn't be afraid...tomorrow!

  7. good for you! hope you enjoyed your meal.