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Friday, December 10, 2010

Blog down!

I don't know if anyone will see this because for the past 3 days I haven't been able to access the blog to update and my friends have been told that the blog dosn't exist if they try to log on in Australia!!!!!  I really dont know what to do...I am not  a computer genius and if I go to the main site for blogspot it just gives directions to peer assistance...they all talk computer and I don't so that's worse than useless to me. 

I'm so sorry because things are finally starting to take shape.  Jimmy Pham (the founder) is back on board and we have tacit approval to begin setting up Doan's pastry section.  I've been doing a bit of teaching at Donkey Bakery which is another social enterprise which employs and trains deaf and physically challenged people and teaches them how to bake.  We had a wee mudcake class which was lots of fun.

Rocky is now getting to run around much more often, apparently Jimmy has been reading the blog and something I said impressed him enough to decide to give Rocky added freedom.  It's gorgeous to see, this jubilant, soppy dog throwing himself around the place...often with such abandon that he loses his footing and skids...he just cracks me up.

We have prepared goodies for our first excursion to a bio-dynamic, socially responsible market on Sunday.  Jonny is making lovely chicken and duck dishes with their products and I have made some Ginga Bubs (baby gingerbread men) and some Coconut Kisses (coconut and almond bites), hopefully it will become a good source of added income for the school.


  1. I can see the blog although I know that Blogspot can be blocked in Vietnam by some internet providers. Try using different computers in different locations and you should be able to get it to work.

  2. Thanks ourman, it seems to be OK now so fingers crossed. How long have you been in Hanoi? It takes a bit of getting used to dosn't it?

  3. Been here four years off and on. Initially for two and a half years and then left but missed the place too much.

    Now married to a local so happily here for life.

  4. Good for you Ourman, at this stage Hanoi and I are in the early stages of the romance, not absolutely sure that it will last for ever, worrying that we don't quite understand the same jokes, we don't know each others favorite food yet, and I fluctuate between ecstasy and misery...but I'm still hopeful....:-)