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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing day....

 I spent Xmas day at the home of Tracy and Andreas, with their pals and a few hyper excited kids.  It was a lovely day once I actually found the place...Vietnamese number the alleys front and back so I managed to get totally lost - twice.  It took a couple of pathetic phone calls to Tracy and for her to leave her guests and come looking for me...just in time as the rather large and unfriendly looking dog was beginning to growl at me...not fun!  Anyhoo, I got there and within seconds a glass of bubbles was placed in my slightly sweaty hand and the day began in earnest with a pedicure from a 5 year old!!!
Everyone had to have their nails done by Tracy's 5 year old...Franke


What a lovely bunch of people and what a lovely meal.  We enjoyed a cold collation of some German salads - herring and potato - courtesy of Andreas, Tracy's beautiful cured salmon and dips, prawns, yummy cold meats and some of the nicest cheeses I've had in ages...all followed by a melt in the mouth duck cassoulet.  At that point I could have quite happily curled up my toes and died...life seldom gets much better!
Ulrika, me and Rosemary after setting the world to rights over a few glasses of bubbles.

Ours eye's would meet over the table and I sensed a certain attraction burgeoning.

Then there was an hilarious Kris Kringle game where everyone who bought a present could pick one from the box...or steal one from someone else...it got quite confusing but very funny as the shenanigans got into full flow.
Cynthia picked some gorgeous porcelain bowls.

Which were quickly 'stolen' by Rebecca
Ulrika and Peter Fritz

Peter Fritz was pretty happy with his Mum's choice, and strangely enough no-one wanted to 'steal' them????
Andreas (flanked by Zorran and Pedro) kept encouraging 'theft' to continue the game.
Rosemary was more than happy with her calender.

Before I knew it the party was over and we staggered off into the evening, Cynthia, Rebecca and Rosemary dropped me off on their way home and I fell into bed and pretty much passed out...Merry Christmas!

Boxing Day dawned early...too early...with Doan sending me a text at 8.30am asking me what time I wanted to start work?!?  OMG!  'Tomorrow' I responded, 'when my hangover has gone.'  Feeling quite nauseous and with a bit of a headache I remembered why I stopped over indulging in the booze some time ago...not nice.  Only thing for it was to drag my sorry carcass out of bed and head into town for greasy food and fizzy drink!

Amanda had given me the map location of that wee place we'd been to before and I set out to see if I could find it and her DVD shop for some entertainment.  Geographically dyslexic I may be but this time I managed to stay focused and achieved my goals.  I decided to walk into town - for some much needed exercise - fortified myself with a Pappa Roti - the grandfather of all buns (starch and a little sugar - just what the doctor ordered!)  found the DVD shop and bought myself some rip off movies (I know, but when in Rome) and eventually made my way to the Cathedral.  The cafe is set up against the wall of the huge church so easy to find.  I ordered one of everything and tucked in.

A large and small samosa, a spring roll, a bun and a won ton, pickles, salad and pickles and a very cold and much needed coke!  All this for about $2...it's almost criminal.
A little further along the street I saw this entry gate to a temple bedecked with the colourful flags.  Just lovely.

I just love coming across these little havens amid the hustle and bustle of the city.
Fortified with fat and sugar I wandered back towards Hoan Kiem lake to work some of it off.  The Old Quarter is usually uncomfortably packed with tourists, bikes and whatever but today it seemed a little less frenetic.  I was enjoying my stroll when I came across this fabulous display of xmas over zealousness!  I did warn you...
Do you believe this?
It almost made me feel cold!
Just a little bit of xmas cheer?


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