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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Annandale Footprints Festival 6 June...

Thanks to the wonderful Katie at Leichhardt Council I have a stall to face paint little wrigglers at the Footprints Festival at Annadale. www.footprintsecofestival.com.au  This from the website;  

The Footprints festival is to be a low key local community event 10-3pm Sunday 6 June 2010 (World environment day 5 June 2010)
Incorporating talks, tree planting, bushtucker, tour of wetlands, workshops, visual and performance art and stalls on the theme of Environmental Sustainability.

So if you are in the area on that day please drop by and say hello, maybe get your little wriggler painted up and take me one step closer to Vietnam.

I must appologise for not posting much of late, it's assignment time at uni again...each semester I tell myself I will be the epitome of organisation and every semester it ends up being a last minute panic to get everything done it time...ah well, such is life.  Till next time... 

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  1. Ahh uni.. You'd think after doing it a few times we'd know better to not leave things to the last minute. All the best!