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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Annandale Festival...

Everyone needs to keep their fingers crossed that my application to Face Paint at Annadale's upcoming festival is successful.  I'm not sure when I will find out but every little bit of exposure and every opportunity to raise money will push me along the path to Vietnam.
Positive thoughts please people!


  1. I have my fingers, arms, toes and legs crossed for you Ngaire. Have you thought of a Food Blogger Bake Sale?

  2. Thanks Phuoc, apparantly my application has been lost in the ether of the internet, thankfully the lovely Katie has notified me so I can reapply. I tried to organise a bake sale but sadly the local councils are rabid about food safety these days and we are not able to have any kind of food stall without spending vast sums of money so that's a bust...cooking classes will have to suffice!

  3. Man.. That's BS! What's wrong with this world? "Food safety my a**!" Has anyone died from buying something from a bake sale before? I don't think so. But then again, people can be messed up so they might think we'd poison people with our baked goods.