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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flightpath Festival...

The day was sunny and bright, the music was loud, the drinks cold...but where oh where were the children?  For the first hour of the festival I painted one enthusiastic adult...oh no...not another Fair Day debacle.  But as a woman said to me on her way past the stall..(I must have looked very dejected)..."It will get better...you'll see."  Thankfully, she was right...first there was a little girl who wanted a dolphin..then a delightful wee person who wanted to scare his daddy and be a vampire...then a bunny, then another dolphin, then a princess...a spider...then I couldn't draw breath.  It was full on....I barely had time to think.  
The kids were all great...a little wriggly sometimes but great...and only one parent stiffed me by getting her little girl Coco painted then telling me she only had a $50!  Who comes to a community stall with a $50...she promised to get some change from her in laws but I don't think I saw her again...ah well, it was only the one...and she was compensated for by the generosity of the others.  Thanks to all the parents who understoood that artistic skill sometimes has to be sacrificed for speed when painting very little people with short attention spans. 


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  1. WOW really cool faicepainting I love the bubbles around the dolphins. Hah the bunny rabbit and scary boy look awesome!