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Friday, February 11, 2011

Last day with the Donkey Bakery crew....

Here I am in my lovely smart new chef's uniform made for me by Luyen Shell. If you are looking for any tailoring here in Hanoi she is the woman to see. Luyen has a very capable team of seamstresses working above her Donkey Bakery and you can be sure that the business is ethical. Luyen maintains that it is possible to make a profit and behave in a socially responsible manner and her thriving business is a shining example. Just check out www.donkeybakery.com for her contact details.

here we all are, that's Luyen on the far left...
 I spent my last day there today working with her bakery staff. We made the wonderful fresh coconut cake and a wicked pineapple almond cake. Pretty soon Luyen will be operating a cafe in her premises as well as it being a retail outlet for her tasty doughnuts and wicked breads...watch out for the grand opening.
I wish I could be there......I'll miss you guys!

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