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Monday, April 5, 2010

A totally decadent butterscotch sauce...

Over the weekend I had some friends round for lunch, for dessert we had a bit of a throw together sweet.
I had some banana bread that I'd made previously and some old apples that needed using up. 
I sliced the banana bread, to about 2cm thickness, and used a cutter to make nice regular discs. 
The apples were peeled and sliced into even wedges, tossed in a little brown sugar, some melted butter and cinnamon.  I put them to roast in a 180c oven, basting with a little brandy to prevent them drying out and add a zing.  Cook till the required degree of tenderness to suit you.  Set aside with the banana bread. 
Then the crux of the dish, the butterscotch sauce.
Take 200gms butter and 200gms of dark brown sugar (you can use soft brown but the flavour intensity is lessened). 
Bring to the boil, then keep at a rolling simmer till nicely amalgamated. Don't walk away in case it burns. 
Then comes the tricky bit, pour on 300ml of pure cream.  (you might want to stand back and even wrap a teatowel round the hand holding the cream...it could spatter and you DON'T want to get the sugar mix on your skin) 
Once the spitting stops - it won't take long - stir and keep stirring for another 2 or 3 minutes till the sauce thickens.  You can use a sugar thermometer at this stage if you have one (or one of those $8 thermometers that baristas use), the mixture needs to be about 95c or 200f.
Then add a couple of turns of a rock or sea salt cellar, or 1/2tsp of salt crystals.  (I can't guarantee what normal table salt will taste like so it's worth investing is some nice salt for special dishes.) 
To test the sauce drop a little onto a clean plate, let it cool a little, if the sauce holds it's height and dosn't run out flat then it's ready. 
You want a bit of body.  I have added brandy or liquers to add a bit of adult naughtiness, once you've mastered the basic mixture you can play around with the flavours.
To assemble the dessert I brushed the banana bread discs with a little hot sauce and placed them into a baking tray. 
Top each disc with an equal amount of apple slices. Spoon over a little sauce and bake at 180c for 10mins or so to heat through.  Plate up, top with a scoop of your favourite ice-cream, drizzle over some more sauce and serve immediately...I promise your guests will love it. 
You can use it on crepes, with banana splits, on chocolate pudding, over apple pie, on cheesecake and of course on sticky toffee pudding or date puddding, in fact just about anywhere you fancy a bit of toffee flavour.
The addition of the salt takes a previously nice sauce upto a whole new level of wicked.  It serves to balance the sweetness and remove that sickly sweet aftertaste that can be experienced after eating caramel.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this recipe...it's by no means an original but it's a keeper...

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  1. ooo wish I could see a pic! But thanks for the info :) Sounds Delish!!! Love a good butterscotch sauce, just makes a meal ending so heavenly...