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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cupcake class for Jann's girls...

Grace chops the chocolate, Eugenia weighs the butter
 Today's class for Grace, Eugenia and Akira was great fun.  The girls learned how to make 'The best chocolate mudcake Ever', how to whip vanilla buttercream to the perfect consistancy and how to ice a cupcake with flair!  Thanks to Jann for organising and subsidising the class and to the very generous Mum's of Grace and Eugenia and Akira respectively who donated even more to my trip.  Thanks so much, and thank you to the girls for being such attentive delightful students.
Grace measures the flour
Akira gets the lowdown on applying buttercream

Icing frenzy...




Some of the finiahed products

and then we all had lunch...yum

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