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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So dissapointing...

As a student of UNSW I made an application to be able to set up a raffle table at uni, I filled in the forms, got the support of the Education Faculty and crossed my fingers.  Sadly, the person with the power in the Student Services office decided that my venture was for 'personal gain' and not for a club or faculty!  How small minded can you get? 
So I'm going to have to sell the raffle tickets any which way I can, sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed by the scope of this venture...maybe it was a mistake to try to raise this money while studying full time and with no regular work, but I'm halfway there so I just cant give up now...what's more I don't want to give up - it's just a bit depressing sometimes when every great idea gets shut down by bureacracy.
OK, whine over...chin up...onwards and upwards.

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