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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lovely comments from a friend of Toni...

One of Toni's friends saw the blog and sent her the following comments, 
she writes so beautifully that I thought I would share them with you... 
What amazing desserts Ngaire created!  I wanted to dip my fingers into
the photographs and lick them....my fingers, not the pics!  Has Ngaire been
to Hanoi before?  It struck us as a chaotic city...though not quite as
chaotic as Ho Chi Minh!  The Koto restaurant is a haven of comparative
peace....more or less opposite the fabulous Temple of Literature, which
really is a cool sanctionary of calm after near death experiences on the
roads of Hanoi!  We loved the very early mornings best, before the motor
bike and traffic invasion began, wandering around the mist shrouded lake and
watching the ladies perform their slow and dignified tai chi.  Anyway, Koto
is an interesting and life changing project for the young people who work
there, Ngaire and her gastronomic creations will be a wonderful addition to
their skills.

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